"The editing and advising provided by AEREA Inc. on our manuscript were done very professionally, meticulously, and timely. Our revised paper was much stronger in both science and English presentation. I recommend AEREA to all my colleagues."  -------- Dr. L. Guo, Jiangxi Institute of Soil and Water Conservation

"I greatly appreciate your editing of my manuscript. My English writing needs to be improved considerably and Dr. David Nielsen gave me the encouragement and confidence to do so. " -------- Dr. J. Ding, Zhengzhou Normal University

文章本来已经被Agricultural Water Management(AWM)拒稿,同时给出了近10页的修改意见。之后就搁置了三个月,期间听闻AEREA Inc.“惊喜上线”,在提供英语语言润色服务之外,更重要的是可协助分析专家意见。于是把被2个专家批注的“满身疮痍”的文章发送过去,第一遍Dr. Nielsen就花费了超过20个小时在我的文章上,对全文进行了详尽的修改,并对数页的专家意见逐条给出修改、回复建议,并附文充分肯定了我的研究工作,建议继续投稿AWM,并分析利弊。几天后,将经Dr. Nielsen第二次润色之后修改稿和修改说明投稿AWM,一月后文章直接被接收(并未经过外审,主编给出的意见是the quality of the manuscript has improved substantially)。
再次感谢AEREA Inc.,感谢Dr. Nielsen。期待以后更多的合作!
Dr. T. Zhang from Northwest A&F University

Dear Dr. Nielsen and Mr. Matthew: There is a good news to share with you that our article has been successfully accepted by the science of the total environment and published online. I am very excited, thanks again for your professional editing and revision work on our paper! I am expecting the next corporation with you soon!

S. Li, China Agricultural University

Dear Matthew,Thanks again. Please help me to convey my thanks to Dr. Nielsen. I have recommended Aerea Inc to my colleagues. I hope there will be more people to contact you for English editing. 

X. Yang, 南京信息工程大学